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Our port-to-port service includes the following:
•    Receiving at our local warehouse,
•    Vehicle inspection and preparation of our export condition report
•    Secure loading/blocking/bracing into a steel ocean container
•    Export custom clearance
•    Transport of loaded container to departure port
•    Ocean freight to destination port.

(Destination customs clearance, port charges or delivery services are not included in our port-to-port rate quotation).

US Customs require the following documents for export clearance:

•    Certificate of title
•    Copy of Bill of Sale
•    Power of Attorney (found under Useful Documents in the main menu).
•    Copy of identification (Drivers license for US residents, passport for all others).

(Title and Bill of sale will be released to consignee together with vehicle upon arrival at destination).

Boxes and Personal belongings
•    All customers must notify us of any incoming cargo or packages
•    Boxes must be clearly labeled with Customers name as below example shows.

            AFL - FLEX / (YOUR NAME!)

            1919 NW 19th Street suite 304

             Fort Lauderdale FL 33311

•    We are able to hold and store boxes for good customers so they can enjoy the Benefit of sending their parts in bulk. Please contact us for all such services.

Cargo left inside vehicles
We do not charge for cargo already loaded inside the vehicle at the time of delivery. However, they will not be insured for loss or damage. We also request that hazardous materials be strictly excluded (ie: corrosive or flammable items).


Important information for preservation of your vehicle while in transit!!
All vehicles and goods are subject to mildew and corrosion when shipping from one type of climate to another. Even though we take many steps and precautions to limit this effect, we cannot guarantee that it does not happen. Here are some tips for preparing your vehicle for shipping. 

•    DO clean your car for all road debris, bugs and sand
•    DO dry your car out well on the inside. Moisture can lead to mildew
•    DO NOT spray your leather or vinyl interior with conditioners or moisturizers. They are natural products and will be the first ones to start the mildew process in an enclosed environment. If your car is already full of these products, try to wipe it off with soap and water. But remember to dry it out thoroughly.
•    DO check radiator to make sure it has enough antifreeze coolant before shipping to a colder climate since frost could occur.
•    DO spray or coat all metal screws that could be subject to corrosion. Liquid lithium grease on spray can or anti rust spray are inexpensive and will help prevent this from happening. 
•    DO ensure to lock or take away any loose parts or specialty objects from your car like ground effects, spoilers, fog lights. If you have broad mirrors just fold them back and take out the antennae if possible
•    DO disable or disconnect alarm systems
•    DO NOT fill up your gas tank. By law, we have to keep the gas level in all vehicles to a minimum during transport.


Flex Export Inc. is not responsible for the following items:
•    Damages to loose cargo that has been insufficiently packaged by customer
•    Loss or damage to cargo or personal items located inside vehicles
•    Damages due to climate conditions and extreme temperatures
•    Flat tires, flat batteries, or any other form of problem that can arise on vehicles
•    If for any reason a vehicle becomes inoperable at our warehouse which makes the packing more labor intensive, the customer will be subject to a $50 surcharge.
Flex International Ventures, Inc.